IPv6 Executive Briefing

The IPv6 Executive Briefing is available in PDF here.

The briefing is for non-technical board directors and senior management at organisations for which information technology is business critical. It focuses on the implications for your business, but those in technology roles may also find it a useful resource for discussing the issues with non-technical colleagues.

IPv6 Executive Briefing

IPv6 Project Planning Guide

The IPv6 Project Planning Guide is available in PDF here.

This guide is for project managers and technical staff at organisations for which information technology is business critical, and for technical consultants and suppliers to such organisations. It accompanies the publication of the “Executive Briefing on the New Version of the Internet Protocol” and its recommendation to make your organisation visible to the outside world over IPv6.

IPv6 Project Planning Guide


Many of these links are included in the IPv6 Project Planning Guide, although the list here will be more extensive as newly found resources are added.

The inclusion of a link here does not represent a recommendation, endorsement or warranty for the material, its author or related services. Equally, the omission of a link to an organisation or resource should not be interpreted as disparaging toward that organisation or resource.

General info – the IPv6 specification – the IETF’s v6ops – ICANN’s IPv6 factsheet – everything about IPv6, from the RIPE NCC – everything about IPv6, from the ARIN – everything about IPv6, from the LACNIC – the Wikipedia entry for IPv6 – Wikipedia entry for IPv6 addresses – Hurricane Electric’s everything about IPv6 – Microsoft’s IPv6 information resource – Google over IPv6 – Nokia Views on IPv6 Transition – HP’s perspective on IPv6 – Dell on IPv6 – Cisco on IPv6 – Huawei on IPv6 – Global Crossing on IPv6 – Linux and IPv6 – Methods for IPv4 – IPv6 Transition, IEEE

Forum – by Network Revolution

Training – the RIPE NCC’s training materials – excellent e-learning from EU sponsored project – access all the tutorials in PDF – ISoC’s IPv6 FAQs – ISoC Discussion, March 2009 – private training organisation – private training organisation – private training organisation – private networking and security training organisation – EU funded project’s excellent tutorials – Hurricane Electric’s training slideshows


The following links take you to the Wikipedia page linking to libraries and retailers for the ISBN in question. – IPv6 Essentials, O’Reilly – IPv6 Network Management, O’Reilly – Understanding IPv6, Microsoft – Deploying IPv6 Networks, Cisco – IPv6 Security, Cisco – Security in an IPv6 environment, Auerbach – IPv4 to IPv6 Transition Methodologies, Auerbach – IPv6 Mandates, Wiley – Migrating to IPv6: A Practical Guide, Wiley

News sources and blogs – a feed of IPv6 news items – the collaborative news and opinion website – the blog from APNIC’s Chief Scientist, Geoff Huston – Cisco blog posts tagged “IPv6” – IP routing expert’s blog

Tools – RIPE NCC Information Services – non-profit to help engineers deploy IPv6 – tools and stats – Free testing suites and software from EU-funded project – Hurricane Electric’s certification tool – Client-side javascript testing

CloudFlare’s Automatic IPv6 Gateway