The 6UK board

Nigel Titley

Nigel Titley, Chairman

Transit and Peering Strategy Manager at Easynet

Chairman, RIPE NCC 2007-present


Nigel has been involved with data networks and especially IP networks since the early days of the Internet. One of the architects of BT’s first commercial internet offering, he moved on to help operate it. When the .com explosion hit Europe he moved to Level 3 and helped build their Europe-wide network, specialising in the application servers that delivered email, dns and ntp. He made IP peering his speciality, linking together ISPs to improve performance and reduce costs, and this remains his main function today.

Prof. Peter KirsteinPeter Kirstein

Professor of Computer Communicatons Systems, Department of Computer Science, University College London


Peter T. Kirstein is a British computer scientist, best known for playing a significant role in the creation of the Internet. He received a B.A. from Cambridge University in 1954, an M.Sc. and Ph.D. in electrical engineering from Stanford University (in 1955 and 1957, respectively) and a D.Sc. in engineering from the University of London in 1970.

He was a member of the staff at CERN from 1959-1963. He did research for General Electric at Zurich from 1963-1967. He was a professor at the University of London from 1970-1973. After that, he joined the faculty at the University College London, where he has been ever since (serving as head of the computer science department from 1980-1994).

Early in the development of the Internet, he co-authored (with Vint Cerf) one of the most significant early technical papers on the internet concept. His research group at UCL played a significant role in the very earliest experimental Internet work.

Most of Prof Kirstein’s current research is in aspects of IPv6 including its use in emergency Communicati0ns, sensor networks and personal communicatons.

He was awarded the CBE for his work on the Internet. He is a Fellow of the Royal Academy of Engineering, a Fellow of the Institution of Engineering and Technology, an Honorary Foreign Member of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences, a Foreign Associate of the US National Academy of Engineering, and a Distinguished Fellow of the British Computer Society. He has also received the SIGCOMM Award, the Postel Award, and the Lifetime Achievement Award of the Royal Academy of Engineering, as well as various other award for his contributions to the development of the Internet internationally.

Richard YuleRichard Yule


Richard began working in the Internet industry having received a B.Eng. degree from the University of Leeds in 1998. His first roles were in technical support for an international network operator followed by a role as a security engineer for a UK business ISP. From 2003 he worked for LINX, first in business development and, until 2010 as the member of the management team responsible for business development and marketing. He is now a freelance consultant.

Philip SheldrakePhilip Sheldrake

Managing Partner, Euler Partners

Main Board Director, Intellect

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Philip is a Chartered Engineer. He consults with clients on marketing, public relations, digital strategies and the opportunities and challenges of the Internet of Things and the Semantic Web.

Clients include Mozilla, ARM, Sony, the Consumer Electronics Association, AOL, Nominet, the Internet Technical Advisory Committee and the RIPE NCC.

Previously, Philip was Head of Digital Strategies at Racepoint Group following the acquisition by the group of his consultancy Fuse PR. He was Managing Director of OnOneMap, Europe’s first Google Maps mashup and residential property search engine, and CEO of NOCHEX, Europe’s first email money service. He served as an Intellect Main Board Director from 2005 to 2008, from 2009 to 2012, and was re-elected for one year from May 2012.

Jim ReidJim Reid, Company Secretary

Jim owns and runs a small consulting company specialising in Internet matters, particularly Domain Name System (DNS) technologies, registries and Internet governance. He has 25 years of experience using Internet protocols and worked in a variety of organisations as a system/network administrator, trainer and technical architect: acedemia, small companies, international organisations, start-ups and large multinationals. He’s a frequent speaker and tutorial presenter at conferences and workshops.

Jim is co-chair of the DNS working group at RIPE and has served in that role since 2000. He founded RIPE’s ENUM working group and was a founding director of UKEC, the company overseeing the use of ENUM in the UK. He is a former board member of RIPE NCC, the non-profit membership organisation co-ordinating Internet address management for Europe and the Middle East. Jim has served as Secretary of the UK Unix Users Group with additional responsibilities for organising its workshops and events. He was a founding member of the Interim Policy Advisory Group for Telnic Ltd, the sponsoring organisation for the .tel top-level domain.